Job opening City Application deadline
Amanuenser som SI-ledare vid Lunds Tekniska Högskola Lund 29.Nov.2023
Universitetslektor latin Lund 29.Nov.2023
Utbildningsadministratör (vikariat) vid Institutionen för energivetenskaper Lund 29.Nov.2023
Postdoc in linguistics: language documentation and transient material culture Lund 30.Nov.2023
Doctoral student in Electrical Engineering with focus on energy efficient transistors for computation Lund 30.Nov.2023
Amanuenser/Studentguider vid Vattenhallen Science Center Lund 30.Nov.2023
Temporary senior lecturer in Political science Lund 30.Nov.2023
Teaching assistants at the Department of Automatic Control Lund 30.Nov.2023
Research assistant at the Department of Chemistry Lund 30.Nov.2023
Post-doctoral fellow in Galactic Archeology through high-precision spectroscopy with the IGRINS and MOONs spectrometers Lund 30.Nov.2023
Postdoctoral research fellow in Nutritional Epidemiology Malmö 30.Nov.2023
Amanuenser, Konstruktionsteknik Lund 30.Nov.2023
Expert inom folkhälsovetenskap Malmö 30.Nov.2023
Researcher to the department of Human geography Lund 30.Nov.2023
Forskare till LUCSUS Lund 30.Nov.2023
Research engineer in dermatology Malmö 30.Nov.2023
Amanuenser inom grundutbildning i datavetenskap, lp3 Lund 30.Nov.2023
Laboratory assistant within hand surgery research Malmö 01.Dec.2023
The project has no title Lund 01.Dec.2023
Researcher in cardiovascular epidemiology Malmö 01.Dec.2023
Expert vid Lund University Diabetes Centre (LUDC) Malmö 01.Dec.2023
Expert medicinsk strålningsfysik Malmö 01.Dec.2023
Universitetsadjunkt vid Statistiska institutionen Lund 01.Dec.2023
Projektassistent till projekt inom psykologi Lund 03.Dec.2023
PostDoc MicroMAX Lund 03.Dec.2023
Student worker, visitor guide at MAX IV Lund 03.Dec.2023
Senior Lecturer in Water Resources Engineering oriented towards Environmental Microbiology Lund 04.Dec.2023
Assistant Professor in Heat Transfer with focus on numerical simulation of industrial heat transfer processes Lund 04.Dec.2023
Universitetslektor modersmål Lund 04.Dec.2023
Universitetslektor i dramaturgi Lund 04.Dec.2023
The project has no title Lund 04.Dec.2023
Projektassistent i biologi Lund 04.Dec.2023
Postdoktor inom neuroinflammation Lund 04.Dec.2023
Post-doctoral fellow in Soil Microbial AgroEcology Lund 05.Dec.2023
Amanuenser vid X-Lab, LTH Lund 05.Dec.2023
Universitetslektor i allmän språkvetenskap Lund 05.Dec.2023
HR-partner till HR-avdelningen LTH Lund 05.Dec.2023
Vikarierande Universitetslektor Lund 05.Dec.2023
Postdoctoral position in Systems Immunology Lund 05.Dec.2023
Doctoral student in Energy Sciences with focus on decarbonization of regional rail Lund 06.Dec.2023
PhD Student (Doktorand) in Systems Immunology Lund 06.Dec.2023
Postdoctoral research fellow in Clinical microbiology Malmö 06.Dec.2023
Lokalplanerare vid naturvetenskapliga fakultetens kansli Lund 06.Dec.2023
Substitute Lecturer in Economic History, 40% Lund 06.Dec.2023
Bibliotekarie Lund 06.Dec.2023
Universitetslektor litteraturvetenskap Lund 06.Dec.2023
Universitetslektor Med hum litteraturvetenskap Lund 06.Dec.2023
PhD student in cell reprogramming Lund 07.Dec.2023
Postdoctoral positions in Biomedical Engineering (Computational modelling of the Achilles tendon mechanics or mechanobiology) Lund 07.Dec.2023
Assistant researcher in social medicine and health policy Malmö 07.Dec.2023
Postdoktor inom vårdvetenskap Lund 07.Dec.2023
Expert med inriktning mot kunskapsöverföring från Forum Medicum-projektet Lund 07.Dec.2023
Amanuens som SI-ledare till kandidatprogrammet i service management eller logistics service management Helsingborg 07.Dec.2023
Animal Technician in Regenerative Immunology Lund 07.Dec.2023
Laboratorieassistent inom riktad proteinnedbrytning Lund 07.Dec.2023
Amanuens till institutionen för Kommunikation och medier Lund 07.Dec.2023
Amanuenser som SI-ledare vid Statsvetenskapliga institutionen Lund 08.Dec.2023
Project assistant: Parliamentary Deliberation in Welfare State Expansion Lund 08.Dec.2023
Receptionist / administrativ assistent till Forum Medicum Lund 08.Dec.2023
Vik. universitetslektor Lund 08.Dec.2023
Projektassistent Lund 08.Dec.2023
Studentsamordnare vid Vattenhallen Science Center Lund 08.Dec.2023
Post-doctoral fellow in Galactic dynamics studies for Gaia and GaiaNIR Lund 09.Dec.2023
Post-doctoral fellow in planetary geosience Lund 10.Dec.2023
Post doctor within Stem Cells, Aging and Neurodegeneration Lund 10.Dec.2023
Beamline Scientist at MicroMAX Lund 10.Dec.2023
Project assistant within plastic research Lund 10.Dec.2023
Forskare i högtrycksfotoelektronspektroskopi och (foto-)atomlagerdeposition Lund 11.Dec.2023
Doctoral student in Physics with focus on ultrafast X-ray science Lund 11.Dec.2023
Biträdande forskare vid avdelningen för infektionsmedicin Lund 11.Dec.2023
Vikarierande utbildningsadministratör Lund 11.Dec.2023
Amanuenser inom forskning vid institutionen för datavetenskap Lund 11.Dec.2023
Project assistant in Chemical Engineering Lund 11.Dec.2023
Universitetsadjunkt i EU-rätt med inriktning mot konkurrensrätt Lund 12.Dec.2023
PhD in Medical Radiation Physics Malmö 12.Dec.2023
Doctoral student in Biology Lund 12.Dec.2023
Laboratorieassistent i biologi Lund 12.Dec.2023
Researcher in Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science Lund 12.Dec.2023
Amanuens Lund 12.Dec.2023
PhD candidate position in Sustainability Science Lund 12.Dec.2023
Amanuens Lund 12.Dec.2023
Project assistant within experimental pathology Malmö 12.Dec.2023
Amanuens Lund 12.Dec.2023
Amanuens Lund 12.Dec.2023
Konferenssamordnare med fokus på mat och dryck, vikariat Lund 12.Dec.2023
Project assistant in microbial biotechnology Lund 12.Dec.2023
Project assistant in bioprocess technology Lund 12.Dec.2023
Vikarierande universitetslektor strategisk kommunikation Helsingborg 12.Dec.2023
Studentmedarbetare till Universitetsbiblioteket, 8 st 20% Lund 12.Dec.2023
Post-doctoral position in Biomedical Engineering with partial placement at the MAX IV Laboratory Lund 13.Dec.2023
Postdoctoral position in mass spectrometry-based proteomics with a focus on neurodegenerative diseases Lund 13.Dec.2023
Doctoral student in Geobiosphere science with spezialisation in Physical geography and ecosystem science Lund 13.Dec.2023
Vik. studievägledare Lund 13.Dec.2023
HR-partner (vikariat) vid Institutionen för hälsovetenskaper Lund 14.Dec.2023
Doctoral student in Geobiosphere science with specialisation in Physical geography and ecosystem science Lund 14.Dec.2023
Doctoral student in Medical Radiation Physics, Experimental X-ray imaging Lund 14.Dec.2023
Amanuens Lund 14.Dec.2023
Project assistant in psychology, ICBT, language and AI Lund 15.Dec.2023
Vik. universitetslektor statsvetenskap, inriktning Mellanösterstudier Lund 17.Dec.2023
Doctoral student in Occupational and Environmental Medicine Lund 17.Dec.2023
Utbildningsadministratör Lund 17.Dec.2023
HR-administratör Lund 19.Dec.2023
Postdoctoral fellow in Environmental Science with focus on nature based solutions Lund 20.Dec.2023
Universitetslektor i klinisk psykologi 5,5 månad Lund 20.Dec.2023
Doctoral student in Physics with a focus on the fabrication of nanoarchitected materials with holographic approaches Lund 26.Dec.2023
Postdoctoral position in Technology and Society – Pathways to sustainable decarbonised plastics Lund 31.Dec.2023
Administrativ samordnare Lund 07.Jan.2024
Postdoctoral position in climate modelling of aerosol and clouds Lund 07.Jan.2024
Assistant Professor in Computer Science with focus on semantic systems and natural language processing Lund 09.Jan.2024
Senior Lecturer in Packaging Logistics focusing on Packaging Technology Lund 12.Jan.2024
Doctoral student in Aerosol Technology: Investigating Exhaled Particles and Viruses in the Air Lund 14.Jan.2024
Two senior lecturer positions in nursing Lund 31.Jan.2024
Assistant Professor in Physics with a focus on Experimental Ultrafast Quantum Physics Lund 31.Jan.2024
Postdoctor in public law with focus on environmental and administrative law Lund 31.Jan.2024
At least two doctoral studentships in Sociology Lund 26.Feb.2024
Professor of Sociology - working life and organization Lund 30.Apr.2024
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