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The department of Building and Environmental Technology at Lund University, Faculty of Engineering invites applications for a position as Associate Senior Lecturer in Risk management with focus on direction and coordination.

Subject description
Direction and coordination are central tools in order to make use of societal resources in the best possible way during a comprehensicve accident or crisis. Both direction and coordination concern understanding what is going on and what is about to happen, to decide what have to be done and how, and to make sure it is actually being done. To enable this, organisations, work processes, laws and regulation, principles and technical support systems are needed. People with competence to solve problems dirong stressful conditions and ability to exert sutuational-specific leadership are also needed. Research about directions and coordination is cross-disciplinary and can emphasise different things. It can be both descriptive and study how direction and coordination is carried out in practise, as well as normative with focus on how direction and coordination should be organized and carried out. Various research methods can be used, including qualitative methods and experimental methods. Since societal risks are constantly changing, the conditions for direction and coordination will also change. This also means research ins this field need to be close to the practitioners.  

Work duties
Employment as an Associate Senior Lecturer is a career development position, which aims for the holder to develop his or her independence as a researcher and educator. The work duties mainly involve research and teaching. The position shall include the opportunity for five weeks of training in higher education teaching and learning.

Work duties include:

  • Research and commissioned research within the subject area.
  • Teaching in the first, second and third cycles of studies, and commissioned education.
  • Supervision of degree projects and doctoral students.
  • Actively seeking external research funding.
  • Collaboration with industry and wider society.
  • Participate in course development on first and second cycles of studies.
  • Administration related to the work duties listed above.

Qualification requirements
Appointment to Associate Senior Lecturer requires that the applicant has a PhD, or acquired corresponding research expertise. Priority should be given to applicants who have completed their degree or acquired the equivalent expertise no more than five years before the last date for applications.

Assessment criteria
For appointment to Associate Senior Lecturer, the following shall form the assessment criteria:

  • A good ability to develop and conduct high quality research.
  • Teaching skills.

Additional requirements

  • Very good oral and written proficiency in English.
  • Experience with research and development work that concernt direction and coordination in emergencies and crises.

Other qualifications
Experiences of teaching in courses within the area of direction, coordination and crisis management – in a Swedish and international context, on first and second cycle studies as well as for practitioners. Experiences of work with other researchers with focus on leadership and direction, and/or problem-solving within direction and coordination. Experiences in project management and performance of governmental assignments. Primarily, experiences of practitioner-oriented research and development work in a Nordic context is valued; and secondarily, experiences from an international research context is also valued.

Consideration will also be given to ability to cooperate, drive and independence, and how the applicant’s experience and skills complement and strengthen ongoing research, education and innovation within the department, and how they stand to contribute to its future development.

Terms of employment
This is a full-time, fixed-term employment of 6 years. The employment is regulated in accordance with Chapter 4 Section 12a§ HEA.

Instructions on how to apply
Applications shall be written in English. Please draw up the application in accordance with LTH’s Academic qualifications portfolio – see link below. Upload the application as PDF-files in the recruitment system. Read more:


Promotion to Senior Lecturer in Risk management with focus on direction and coordination

During the period of employment, an Associate Senior Lecturer can apply for promotion to a permanent position as Senior Lecturer if he or she has the required qualifications listed below, and is deemed suitable. An Associate Senior Lecturer can only apply for promotion once.

Qualification requirements
Appointment to Senior Lecturer requires that the applicant has:

  • A PhD or corresponding research competence or professional expertise considered important with regard to the subject matter of the post and the work duties it will involve.
  • Demonstrated teaching expertise.
  • Completed five weeks of training in higher education teaching and learning or acquired equivalent knowledge by other means.

Assessment criteria
The assessment criteria specify the aspects to be taken into account, and the level to be achieved, in order for the assessment criteria to be deemed fulfilled. The following assessment criteria must be fulfilled for appointment to senior lecturer:

  • A good national and international standing as a researcher. The requirement for international experience shall be assessed with consideration to the character and traditions of the subject.
  • Good teaching ability, including a good ability to conduct, develop and lead teaching and other educational activities on different levels and using a variety of teaching methods.
  • An ability to supervise doctoral students to achieve a PhD.
  • An ability to collaborate with wider society and communicate his or her activities.
  • A good general ability to lead and develop activities.

Additional requirements

  • Good ability to co-operate, independence and drive.
  • Ability to actively, independently and successfully apply for external research funding
  • Ability to contibute to renewal of the acadmic activities at the division.
  • Good oral and written proficiency in Swedish.
Type of employment Temporary position
Contract type Full time
First day of employment As soon as possible
Salary Monthly
Number of positions 1
Full-time equivalent 100 %
City Lund
County Skåne län
Country Sweden
Reference number PA2021/3256
Union representative
  • SACO:Saco-s-rådet vid Lunds universitet, 046-2229364,
  • OFR/ST:Fackförbundet ST:s kansli, 046-2229362,
Published 27.Jan.2022
Last application date 18.Feb.2022 11:59 PM CET

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