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The Low-Density Matter (LDM) team at MAX IV is engaged in activities related to gas-phase and liquid phase research.

We are now looking for an enthusiastic and skilled postdoctoral researcher with expertise in LDM physics to participate in various projects managed by the LDM team at MAX IV.

In addition to participating in different aspects of design, building and commissioning of various pieces of equipment, the candidate is also expected to participate in user support when the LDM instrumentation is in use at one of MAX IV’s LDM-relevant beamlines.

Description of the LDM-team
MAX IV currently has a number of LDM-relevant beamlines including FlexPES, FinEstBeAMS, VERITAS and RIXS @ SPECIES. Each of these beamlines has/will have the possibility of allowing different types of gas-phase/liquid-phase measurements at one of its own end stations or by accommodating a mobile end station.

A mobile modular end station (ICE) is now available to general users at MAX IV enabling research on molecular/cluster beams. The ICE end station houses a Reaction Microscope spectrometer that enables high-resolution multi-coincidence and momentum imaging spectroscopies. More information regarding the ICE end station and other LDM equipment at MAX IV can be found here:

Job description
The work tasks of the postdoc in the LDM-team include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Participate in the commissioning, maintenance, preparation and operation of various pieces of LDM equipment. This equipment includes the ICE end station and some sample delivery systems (molecular jet/cluster source and liquid jet sources)
  • Provide user support on LDM equipment
  • Participate in the design or build-up of more LDM relevant equipment when the need arises

The candidate will have the possibility to apply for beamtimes at MAX IV to conduct his or her own research using the LDM equipment at MAX IV or to apply for beamtimes at other facilities. Therefore, it is expected that the candidate will have a strong vision with regards to various research projects that they would like to pursue whilst employed in this position.


  • The candidate must hold a PhD in physics, solid state chemistry or another relevant field (please see “Important information” below)
  • Documented experience in the use of ultra-high vacuum equipment
  • Documented experience in at least one relevant multi-coincident technique
  • Experience in working at a large-scale scientific facility (example synchrotron, FEL, etc) as either a user or as a member of staff
  • Experience in using/maintaining a relevant sample delivery system (example molecular beam sources, cluster sources or liquid jet source)
  • Experience in the handling of gases
  • The ability to work in a team and good communication skills are extremely important for this position
  • The successful candidate is expected to have the ability to work independently in the lab, as well as part of a team. This position is foreseen to involve collaboration with the LDM staff at the various beamlines

The candidate must also have a good command of the English language in order to effectively communicate with users and staff at the laboratory.

Additionally, meriting qualifications

  • Experience in the use of ion optics simulation programs such as SIMION is a merit
  • Experience in the COLTRIMS/3D momentum imaging technique is a merit
  • Experience in other spectroscopic techniques (ex. Photoelectron spectroscopy)
  • Experience in mechanical engineering and competence in using SolidWorks
  • Experience in advanced data analysis and programming (especially python-based)
  • Experience in using laser systems and pump-probe techniques

Appointment to the position of postdoc requires that the applicant has a PhD or an international degree deemed equivalent to a PhD, within the subject of the position, completed no more than three years before the application deadline. Under special circumstances the PhD can have been completed previous to the aforementioned three years.

Terms of employment

This is a full-time, fixed-term employment. A postdoctoral fellow is employed under a period
of at least two years and at most three years. The period of employment is determined in accordance with the agreement “Avtal om tidsbegränsad anställning som postdoktor-2022-02-01” (“Agreement on fixed-term employment as a post-doctoral fellow, 2022-02-01”)

Type of employment Temporary position
Contract type Full time
First day of employment As per agreement
Salary Monthly salary
Number of positions 1
Full-time equivalent 100
City Lund
County Skåne län
Country Sweden
Reference number PA2022/1543
  • Johan Adell, +46708323357
Union representative
  • OFR/ST:Fackförbundet ST:s kansli, 046-2229362
  • SACO:Saco-s-rådet vid Lunds universitet, 046-2229364
  • SEKO: Seko Civil, 046-2229366
Published 01.Jul.2022
Last application date 11.Sep.2022 11:59 PM CEST

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