Lunds universitet, MAX IV,

Lunds universitet grundades 1666 och rankas återkommande som ett av världens 100 främsta lärosäten. Här finns 40 000 studenter och 7 600 medarbetare i Lund, Helsingborg och Malmö. Vi förenas i vår strävan att förstå, förklara och förbättra vår värld och människors villkor.

MAX IV är ett svenskt nationellt forskningslaboratorium med Lunds universitet som värduniversitet. Det tillhandahåller toppmodern instrumentering åt forskare från såväl Sverige som internationellt, för forskning inom områden som teknik, fysik, strukturbiologi, kemi och nanoteknik. Fullt utbyggd kommer MAX IV att ta emot mer än 2 000 forskare årligen vilka genomför banbrytande experiment inom material och biovetenskap med hjälp av det briljanta röntgenljuset. Som ett nationellt laboratorium drivs MAX IV i enlighet med statliga föreskrifter och i överensstämmelse med villkor från stora bidragsgivare som Vetenskapsrådet och Wallenbergstiftelsen. 250 personer är för närvarande anställda vid MAX IV. Anläggningen befinner sig i en uppbyggnadsfas med 16 strålrör finansierade varav tre tar emot användare idag, resterande 13 strålrör kommer att ta emot användare inom de närmaste åren. Anläggningen är dimensionerad för 25-28 strålrör.

Are you interested to work in an exciting scientific environment then perhaps a summer work at MAX IV would be something for you?
We are now looking for a number of summer workers within the following areas; 

Beamline Office (1 position)
Work tasks
Inventory of the equipment and technical documentation in the SEDS lab and Beamline Workshop. Basic maintenance and tests of experimental equipment in the SEDS equipment loan pool.

High school level, computer knowledge, technical interest. Knowledge within engineering, electronics or physics interest are additional requirements. As a person you should take initiative and being structured.
For info: Yngve Cerenius +46709997941

Imaging/KITS (1 position)
Work tasks
Create well documented workflows in SAVU to reconstruct different types of already existing tomographic data. Make a comprehensive yet easy to follow manual on how to use SAVU and its most important plugins. Implement missing phase retrieval method into SAVU which is suitable for coherent beams. This task will likely be linked to recently published and developed method based on convolutional neural network to enhance tomographic phase contrast images. 
Master level student in Physics, applied mathematics or engineering. Completed BSc level courses in physics or mathematics. Scientific programming in pyton, solid mathematical background. As a person you are creative and performance oriented.
For info: Rajmund Mokso +46725517497

IT-Software development (4 positions)
Work tasks
You will be part of the software development team which develops and supports web applications and control system tools at MAX IV. You will have the opportunity to work with both back-end and front-end software. This position provides opportunities to be creative and work in a professional IT environment.
Ongoing higher technical education, computer science or equivalent. As a person you should be performance oriented.
For info: Fredrik Bolmsten +46 722284554

KITS-Information management (1 position)
Work tasks
Software used at MAX IV is usually developed with expert users in mind, which means that user interfaces need to convey a large amount of information in a limited space. You will employ your skills to analyse and improve such software, which ranges from programs with several years of history to new innovative projects.
You are enrolled in a tertiary education programme in interaction design, user experience design, industrial design or similar, with special focus on human-to-computer interaction. You have prior documented experience in applying your skills to real-life cases. As a person you should be performance oriented.
For info: Fredrik Bolmsten +46 722284554

Engineering (2 positions)
Work tasks
Participating in the summer shut down activities, mainly assisting the SAM team (Stability and alignment and metrology). Survey of network in different parts of MAX IV machine using laser tracker, alignment and realignment of components in MAX IV machine. The task are hands on.

At least one year of study in an engineering degree. The work requires focus, patience and attention to details and able to work in tight space. Practical experience in working with accelerator equipment related to synchrotron light is additional requirement. As a person you should be service minded. 
For info: Eshraq Al Dmour +46732326525

Diffraction and scattering/XPCS on CoSAXS (1 position)
Work tasks

You will work in developing scripts for basic X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy data analysis using a fast two-dimensional pixel detector. The scripts will primarily be used at CoSAXS, but may also prove useful at other beamlines such as NanoMAX and ForMAX.
We are looking for a summer worker with basic understanding of physics, chemistry, materials science and IT. The candidate must have demonstrated experience in scientific computing and programming skills (in Python or Matlab). Knowledge of x-ray scattering, Bragg's law, general laboratory work and work with lab. tools such as optical microscope and simple solvents are additional requirements. As a person you should be able to take initiative, be performance oriented, structured and creative. 
For info: Group Manager Ann Terry, +46703264498

Diffraction and scattering/FemtoMAX (1 position)
Work tasks
You will work in developing liquid sample environment (microfluidic nanocell). You will have two tasks. The first one is to assemble microfluidic nanocell using developed parts and test it in the lab using standard lab tools and solvents. Cell assembly and tests is performed following in-house developed techniques and guides. The second one is to program syringe pump that drives liquid sample via microfluidic nanocell.
We are looking for a summer worker with basic understanding of physics and chemistry. Knowledge of x-ray scattering, Bragg’s law, general laboratory work and work with lab. tools such optical microscope and simple solvents is an advantage. Computer skills and a good command of English are essential. As a person you should be able to take initiative, be performance oriented, structured and creative. 
For info: Group Manager Ann Terry, +46703264498

General qualification for all summer jobs;
In addition to above requirements, all positions require that you are quality conscious, flexible and have a high ability to cooperate with others.
The candidate must be minimum 18 years and fluent in English.

Anställningsform Visstidsanställning kortare än 3 månader
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Anställningens omfattning Heltid
Tillträde Enligt överenskommelse
Löneform Månadslön
Antal lediga befattningar 11
Sysselsättningsgrad 100 %
Ort Lund
Län Skåne län
Land Sverige
Referensnummer PA2019/906
Facklig företrädare
  • OFR/S:Fackförbundet ST:s kansli, 046-222 93 62,
  • SACO:Saco-s-rådet vid Lunds , 046-222 93 64,
Publicerat 2019-03-18
Sista ansökningsdag 2019-04-03

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