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Vikarierande Universitetslektor i Sociologi Lund 24.May.2024
Vikarierande studievägledare Lund 17.Jun.2024
Vik. osteolog vid projektet ”Hallen på höjden” Lund 28.May.2024
Vik universitetslektor vid Sociologiska institutionen – HT2024 Lund 24.May.2024
Utbildningsadministratör 50% Lund 31.May.2024
Universitetslektor, SÄVA, modevetenskap Helsingborg 29.May.2024
Universitetslektor i modersmål Lund 23.May.2024
Universitetslektor Lund 31.May.2024
Universitetsadjunkt Öst- och centraleuropakunskap Lund 31.May.2024
Två projektassistenter vid Biologiska institutionen Lund 29.May.2024
Teaching assistants at the Department of Automatic Control Lund 27.May.2024
Studievägledare Lund 21.May.2024
Senior Lecturer in physics with specialization in experimental particle physics Lund 31.May.2024
Senior lecturer in phonetics with a focus on language-specific phonology Lund 21.May.2024
Research Engineer in Translational Genomics Lund 28.May.2024
Research engineer at the Lab of Epigenetics and Chromatin Dynamics Lund 24.May.2024
Research Assistant Position SFPE Smart firefighting project at the Division of Fire Safety Engineering Lund 26.May.2024
Research and communication coordinator (temp. 1 year) Lund 26.May.2024
Projektledare för Medvetenskapens hus Lund 27.May.2024
Projektledare Lund 21.May.2024
Projektassistent till LUCSUS Lund 21.May.2024
Projektassistent Spatial singelcellbioinformatik Lund 27.May.2024
Projektassistent inom epidemiologi och befolkningsstudier Lund 28.May.2024
Projektassistent i matematisk fysik Lund 27.May.2024
Projektassistent 20% Lund 28.May.2024
Projektassistent Lund 27.May.2024
Projektassistent Lund 27.May.2024
Project assistant with focus on deep learning and image analysis Lund 27.May.2024
Project assistant in Molecular Pediatric Lund 29.May.2024
Project Assistant in Molecular Biotechnology Lund 28.May.2024
Project Assistant in Genetic Occupational and Environmental Medicine Lund 20.May.2024
Project Assistant in Cell Reprogramming in Hematopoiesis and Immunity Lund 30.May.2024
Project Assistant in Biophotonics Lund 24.Jun.2024
Project Assisstant in Optical Design at the Department of Chemistry Lund 27.May.2024
Programplanerare vid LTH:s kansli Lund 08.Aug.2024
Professor in Distributed Systems Lund 30.May.2024
Postdoktor vid avdelningen för lungmedicin Lund 06.Jun.2024
Postdoktor Lund 09.Aug.2024
Postdoctoral research fellow focused on generative modelling of synthetic cohorts in brain research Lund 26.May.2024
Postdoctoral Fellow with a focus on National Biodiversity Accounting at the Political Science Department Lund 19.May.2024
Postdoctoral fellow in Microbial Ecology Lund 19.Jul.2024
Postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Clinical Physiology Lund 03.Jun.2024
Postdoctor, Aesthetics and Business/Organizational Creativity Lund 02.Jun.2024
Postdoctor in Cancer Research Lund 27.May.2024
Postdoc in New Testament Studies (2 years) Lund 27.May.2024
Postdoc in language and cognition Lund 19.Jun.2024
Postdoc in Experimental Clinical Genetics Lund 26.May.2024
Post-doctoral position in Electrical Engineering Lund 31.May.2024
PhD student in Molecular Cardiology Lund 21.May.2024
PhD student in diabetes and epigenetics within the DDLS program Malmö 04.Aug.2024
PhD student in Consumption, Marketing and Retail Lund 30.May.2024
PhD Position in Plant-soil interactions in arctic tundra Lund 27.May.2024
PhD position in germline stem cell development and fertility Lund 24.May.2024
PhD candidate, sustainability reporting and sustainable business transformation Lund 27.May.2024
PhD candidate, Business Administration (strategic management) Lund 27.May.2024
PhD candidate, Business Administration (marketing) Lund 27.May.2024
Ph.D. student in Medical Radiation Physics with a focus on MR-Physics Lund 25.Jun.2024
One summer work position in Condensed Matter Theory at Physics department Lund 22.May.2024
NMX Commissioning Scientist Lund 30.May.2024
Lecturer with a focus on uncrewed aerial systems (UAS, drones) Ljungbyhed 19.May.2024
Ingenjör vid Vattenhallen Science Center - vikariat Lund 29.May.2024
Forskningsingenjör vid Biologiska institutionen Lund 23.May.2024
Fakultetskoordinator Lund 27.May.2024
Expert inom molekylärmedicin och genterapi Lund 27.May.2024
Expert inom molekylärmedicin och genterapi Lund 28.May.2024
Expert i klinisk genetik Lund 26.May.2024
Ekonomichef Lund 28.May.2024
Ekonom vid Institutionen för arkitektur och byggd miljö Lund 29.May.2024
Ekonom till Institutionen för maskinvetenskaper Lund 29.May.2024
Ekonom till Fysiska Institutionen Lund 29.May.2024
Doktorand Lund 23.May.2024
Doctoral students in Numerical Analysis Lund 12.Jun.2024
Doctoral students in Mathematics with a focus on Computer Vision Lund 28.May.2024
Doctoral student with focus on combustion modelling in battery systems during thermal runaway Lund 31.May.2024
Doctoral student in structural biology Lund 27.May.2024
Doctoral Student in Statistics Lund 31.May.2024
Doctoral student in Physics within the discipline of experimental nanothermodynamics Lund 14.Jun.2024
Doctoral student in Physical Chemistry Lund 31.May.2024
Doctoral student in industrial automation with focus on electric power systems Lund 30.May.2024
Doctoral student in Food hygiene Lund 09.Jun.2024
Doctoral student in Energy Sciences with focus on heat transfer modeling in reacting flow Lund 31.May.2024
Doctoral student in Energy Sciences - AdTherM with focus on energy storage and heat recovery Lund 31.May.2024
Doctoral student in Energy Sciences - AdTherM with focus on elextrolyser modeling Lund 31.May.2024
Doctoral student in Energy Sciences - AdTherM with focus on active heat transfer enhancement Lund 31.May.2024
Doctoral student in computational biology of infection Lund 16.Jun.2024
Doctoral student in Biology with a focus on AI & Microbial Forensics Lund 12.Aug.2024
Doctoral student in biology Lund 27.May.2024
Doctoral student in applied microbiology with specialisation in metabolic engineering of yeast Lund 29.May.2024
Doctoral student for Climate Risk and Adaptation in the Middle East Lund 07.Jun.2024
Biträdande forskare i lungbiologi Lund 27.May.2024
Biträdande forskare Lund 30.May.2024
Biblioteksassistent 4st Lund 21.May.2024
Bibliotekarie, vik, Konstnärliga fakultetens bibliotek Malmö 26.May.2024
Bibliotekarie, Konstnärliga fakultetens bibliotek Malmö 26.May.2024
Bibliotekarie med arbete inriktat på mediehantering och ämnesbibliotekarie Lund 26.May.2024
Bibliotekarie med arbete inriktat på mediehantering Lund 26.May.2024
Avdelningschef/Kommunikatör Lund 26.May.2024
Assistant Professor in Interaction design Lund 19.May.2024
Assistant Professor in Industrial Electrical Engineering with a focus on electrical energy storage Lund 31.May.2024
Assistant Professor in Electrochemistry with a focus on Battery Materials Lund 28.May.2024
Amanuenser som SI-ledare vid Statsvetenskapliga institutionen Lund 26.Jul.2024
Amanuenser som handledare för SI-ledare vid LTH Lund 28.May.2024
Amanuenser inom grundutbildning i datavetenskap, läsperiod 1 Lund 21.May.2024
Amanuens vid Avdelningen Byggnadsmaterial Lund 22.May.2024
Amanuens som SI-ledare till kandidatprogrammet i service management eller logistics service management Helsingborg 23.May.2024
Amanuens SI-ledare Retorik Lund 29.May.2024
Amanuens på MedCUL, Centrum för Undervisning och Lärande Lund 21.May.2024
Amanuens för arbete inom administration Lund 27.May.2024
Amanuens 50% vid ekonomisk-historiska inst, 6 månader Lund 28.May.2024
4 st SI-mentorer Lund 19.May.2024
1-2 amanuenser till institutionen för kulturgeografi och ekonomisk geografi Lund 21.May.2024
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